It’s been a few long days…

The past few days have been busy, busy, busy.

On Saturday we had a baseball registration.  Actually, we had two registrations.  One was at the 4-pad arena and the other one was at Canadian Tire.  I was at Canadian Tire and we had nearly 90 players register which just about doubled our numbers.  The other registration had 3 players.  Hmmm…  The 3 of us at CT didn’t stop for a minute in the 3 hours that we were there – the time FLEW by, believe me.  Now I have to enter all that registration information into the database.  Boy, that is going to be fun.

On Saturday afternoon, I dropped into the Rick Dykstra campaign office and went to work for the remainder of the afternoon and the early evening putting out lawn signs.  Not a bad big actually.  I got BP to assist, had to convert him mind you, but he saw the light.

Sunday was an NDBA Board meeting.  I was approved as the Secretary/Registrar AND the Manager of the NDBA Bantam club.  Both of those jobs should keep me out of trouble – perhaps.  The Bantam club will be the only one, it was decided not to divide the district up, it would have made for weaker clubs.  Hopefully I will get a bunch of kids to try out and I’ll see how it goes.

Sunday afternoon found me back at the campaign office.  I was stringing network cable through the ceiling to hook everything up.  Not a bad job really, except for the heat in the ceiling, wow.  Didn’t take too long to do, everything is ready to go.

Decided to take the week off of work.  Not completely sure why, I do need to get some baseball stuff done and I also am helping out with the various campaigns in Niagara.  I am doing the IT setup for Rob Nicholson and perhaps for the Welland candidate, haven’t heard back from her team though.

Just finished applying for tournaments for the summer.  I had to get going on that one.  Looks like we will be going to Niagara Falls, Kingston & Dundas plus perhaps Cooperstown, NY.  Not too bad at all.  Not sure where the Provincial Championships are, I should check that.

Well, it is WAY past any normal bedtime, strangely, I am not that tired.  Either that or I am so tired that I don’t realize it, that is probably more likely.  Time for bed and I think that I will set a backup alarm.

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