The Federal Election and Baseball

Well, there is a federal election coming up that the public didn’t seem to want.  Hmmm…  What can ya do, well, I guess we should start campaigning.  So, in saying that, I’ve joined the Dykstra campaign.

I spent part of the afternoon delivering and installing lawn signs.  It takes a surprisingly long time when you are driving from property to property.  Good thing that someone invented a GPS.

We also had a baseball registration this morning.  We had a ton of kids register.  It was busy from bell to bell and we took in nearly 90 kids which almost doubled our number.  Excellent turnout to be sure.

I have an NDBA Board meeting tomorrow.  I have volunteered to be the Secretary/Registrar.  I’ve done it before but the last time I did that job there were 50+ teams, this year we will have 20 or so which will be much easier to handle.

More campaign stuff tomorrow.  I’ll be setting up a network in the office.  Shouldn’t be too bad at all.


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