More on the baseball diamond

I’m meeting with a possible addition to my coaching staff tonight.  Hopefully it will go well.  I’ve arranged to convene the Midget tournament in Niagara Falls at the beginning of August and in turn, they will let the team into the Bantam tournament at no charge.  I will have to make sure that we get buy-in from the parents, but, essentially, I won’t be giving them a choice.  It’s not like it is a tough job anyway.  Hand out scores sheets, line-up cards, etc.  Not too tough for a free tournament.

I do have to get going pretty quickly on setting up tournaments as well.  I hope to apply for them this week, probably before I am offically given the team, but if I don’t end up getting it for some reason I can withdraw.  I am really not sure where this team will fit in classification wise.  I guess I need to find out where they were classified last season.  I am thinking either A or AA anyway.  Since it is a District club it should be AA.  Who knows though.

Found out today that a co-worker was let go.  Don’t know what went down, not exactly anyway.  I feel bad for anyone who loses their job, especially given this job market – really sucks.  Best of luck.

Not much else going on – it was a quick day.


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