Baseball in 2011

Well, it looks like I will be coaching the Major Bantams this summer.  Major Bantam’s are players turning 15 this year.  I will get approved (or not) this coming Sunday.  We’ll play in the Boys of Summer league which is based out of Western New York.

I received an email tonight from a possible coach.  We are going to meet tomorrow to go over the season and see if we might be able to work together.  I think that I am pretty easy to get along with on the baseball field.  At least a possible coaching staff is falling into place.  I am told that there is a possible pitching coach as well – that would be great.  I could then pick up a father to assist and all would be well.

It is too bad that DB doesn’t want to coach this summer – I do enjoy coaching with him but I don’t think he likes me being the boss – our styles are slightly different.  Oh well…

So, I guess I will see tomorrow night and then wait for Sunday.  If I am given the team it’ll be a lot of work from that point on.  I have to book tournaments, black out dates for the BOS league and what-not.  It’ll only be a few short weeks before we will be able to get outside on some stone diamonds and 5 weeks until we get on our main diamond.  So, that means that the season starts in 7 or 8 weeks.  That time will fly by I am sure.

Hopefully this season will run a bit smoother than last year did.  Not that it was a bad season mind you, it just didn’t go quite as I had hoped.  With Major Bantam I can at least schedule practices before games so the turnout should be WAY better than what I had last season.

Wish me luck.


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