The Sportsman Show

Well, the Sportsman Show in Toronto today wasn’t too bad but not as good as I remember it being the last time I was there, mind you, that was about six years ago.

It was held at the Toronto Convention Centre this year, not sure how long it’s been there.  Admission was $19 and parking was $17 so not a cheap 1/2 day out.

I found a great pair of camouflage pants, grey/white style for $30 taxes included – not bad at all.  After wandering around for what seemed like forever we found the Wilderness Tours booth and I booked a trip for late September.  I am hoping that I can find some people to go with this time, I had some interest the last time around but everyone backed out.  I’d really like to go again – it’s the time of your life.

We went to Gretzky’s for lunch.  Great food, I had chili cheese fries and jambalaya for lunch and a cookie w/ ice cream for dessert – awesome.  The service was the slowest that I have ever seen, anywhere.  It wasn’t like that they were busy, it just sucked.  Oh well.

The trip to and from Toronto wasn’t too bad at all.  Better going in then coming home, we left TO at 3:10 this afternoon and had a few slowdowns but it only took an hour and a half to get home.

I won’t be needing any dinner tonight anyway, still full from lunch.

My sister goes in for a CAT scan this evening shortly after 11pm.  I hope that the results don’t show anything bad.  I think that I will go along with them, I can keep Dave company – I don’t think that I will be sleeping by then as yet.  I asked her to call me at 10, I will know by that time.

Nothing planned for tomorrow other than buying a receiver/amp and speakers for the TV.  I’d like to have some better sound for my TV.  It is only $100 which is a pretty good deal.

Hitting an auction on Saturday with Tracey – should be fun, never been to an auction before.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone as well – I even wore a green shirt today.  No green beer for me though, thanks.


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