My weekend has started …

That was a very interesting three days at work.  I am glad that my work week is done. Done I tell ya, done.

It was a very busy three days, they went by very quickly – this is a good thing though, I do enjoy being busy.  Some of the people who call us for assistance are “interesting” we shall say.  No names though, can’t do that.

I hope that my co-workers have fun over the next two days.

Off to the Sportsman Show tomorrow, should be a good time.  I will try to take some pictures and put some on here.  We’ll see I guess.

I may have mentioned that the OtterBox ( broke for my Milestone, the part that covers the face of the phone.  I call the Telus store where I purchased it and was told that they don’t handle warranty items that I had to call OtterBox directly.  Good thing that they have an 800 number – I call, they don’t ask for a copy of the receipt or anything but they ship off a new case, the whole thing and it arrived today – pretty good turn around.  I guess if the rest of the case breaks I will have those parts as well – thanks OtterBox – I am sorta surprised that it broke at all, their cases are normally pretty darn good, should be for $40.

So, to re-cap, my work week is done and I am in relax mode.  Enjoy your weekend when it arrives.


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