Microsoft & an Auction

So, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 sometime very recently, yesterday, today perhaps.  I had tried the beta, it wasn’t very stable.  That isn’t too surprising, beta’s sometimes are not stable at all.

I installed IE9 at work (32-bit) and it seemed to run ok, I didn’t visit a whole bunch of sites so who knows.  I figured that I would try it at home under Windows 7 64-bit.  Well, as soon as I tried to log into my blog and post something, it didn’t work.  It also locked up a few times in other sites (Twitter, Facebook).  Naturally, I decided to remove it.

I went into the Control Panel and selected “Uninstall a program” – low and behold, IE9 doesn’t appear in the list.  It is under Windows Components along the left-hand side.  So, I uncheck the box and IE9 starts uninstalling.  I restart the laptop and when it comes back up there is no IE9 (good thing) BUT there is no IE8 either – it didn’t appear to roll-back.  Nice job Microsoft.

So, I have no web browser on my laptop which is needed to download a web browser.  I downloaded Firefox on another PC and copied it via USB stick to this laptop to install it.  I think, because Microsoft pissed me off, that I am done, for the time being at least with IE (at home anyway).

So, that brings me today’s post:

The Auction – I received a flyer today about an auction this coming weekend at White Oaks.  I was going to see if my sister wanted to go but then remembered that she works on Saturdays.  I called Tracey who loves auctions and she is joining me – should be fun.  I have never actually been to a “real” auction.  They have furniture, appliances, computers, etc.  I am looking forward to it – I am hoping to see some living room furniture, cheap would be great.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight.  Have a good one.


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