I’m stalling on work around the house …

Daylight savings time started today.  I guess it sorta sucks that we lose an hour of our weekend, come on now, we all have to go back to work tomorrow.  I really don’t understand why we keep switching between daylight savings and standard time.  Just leave it alone.  They (yes, the all powerful “they”) say it is to make it so we have more light in the evenings to save electricity costs for lights, etc.  Well, what about the fact that we have to have the lights turned on in the morning to get our days started?  I don’t know, I am obviously NOT one of the “theys”.

I am going to look at a loveseat and chair that a coworker have for sale today.  It is a dark brown leather, looks great in the pictures and pictures are supposed to be worth 1000 words, but, I’d like to see them for myself.  I REALLY need some “new” furniture in the living room.  The black leather couch that I purchased about 6 years ago for $500 has seen better days.  It has a large tear in it from when Zeus decided that he wasn’t getting enough leather in his diet and the one cushion has sunk way down – no support at all on that one.  It doesn’t owe me anything for being a 6+ year old couch anyway.  The loveseat that I have, also in leather is still very comfy, it was obviously well constructed.  It needs to be cleaned though.  I think both of these pieces will go into the basement which I am turning into a sort of a rec-room.  I am going to move my air hockey table down there – that will be fun, it weighs in at about 200 lbs.  So, hopefully this loveseat and chair will do the trick – I don’t want to go out and spend $2000 on something decent.

Having dinner tonight with J&D.  No, we aren’t going out, I am cooking.  Nothing fancy, homemade chicken fingers and fries.  Eleborate, isn’t it.  My project for the day is to clean up the dining room, actually turn it back into a dining room from the current baseball storage area that it has been for nearly a year.  I am also planning on cleaning up the office which really needs it.  I guess I am currently stalling, making this blog post, drinking coffee.  I work better under pressure anyway. 

The weekend has otherwise been non-descript.  Took it pretty easy yesterday, got my hair coloured.  It looks all right, but, under the “wrong” light, it looks more yellow blonde than white blonde.  Oh well, I’ll live.  Only cost me $20 so that isn’t too bad.

I am heading to the Sportsman Show this week, on Thursday (St. Patricks Day).  I haven’t been there in a few years – 6 or 7 anyway.  It is at the Toronto Convention Centre as opposed to the CNE grounds – I will likely get rapped for parking downtown, but whatever.  Going with BP.  He says that he’d like to drive but I am going to veto that idea – I am not sure that I want to drive on the highway with him.  He recently got himself a new car, used, but new to him.  It’s a Saturn ION I think.  Not sure why he picked a Saturn seeing as they won’t be making them anymore, but he liked his first Saturn so hopefully he’s happy.

That’s all for now, I REALLY have to get started on the house work stuff.

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