iPad Update

It was Tuesday evening that I purchased an iPad.  It is awesome, does exactly what I want with it.  Very cool indeed.  Since it is a first generation iPad, I saved some bucks as well – as we are all aware (I am sure), the iPad 2 is coming out, tomorrow, I think.  Thanks again to Anthony for recommending it even though he didn’t remember recommending it at all.  Perhaps I could have avoided a few headaches if I had listened to him, BUT, I wouldn’t have learned what I needed to know about the other devices available (already “reviewed” in my blog).

I signed up for an @me.com account.  I have a free 60 day trial.  After that it is $99 per year or something along those lines.  Does anyone actually pay for this?  I can’t see that it is worth it unless perhaps I am missing something.  $99 for an email account and syncing with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?  Really?

Maybe I am missing something – I will have to investigate and report back.

I am in the middle (well, 2/3 of the way through I guess) a VERY long day at work.  I am working 9am until approximately 11pm – perhaps I will get out of here sooner, time will tell.  I am doing IT support for a committee meeting, not sure what the topic is tonight, sure to be dull though.  Wish me luck.

Update – 20:57

Well, the meeting still isn’t over.  I am done with what I had to get done so perhaps I can head out soon.  I am bushed …

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