Found an “eReader”

Well, it’s really not an eReader. I purchased an iPad. I was very hesitant actually, after all, it’s an Apple product.

As I’ve blogged, I started out with an eReader from Costco running on Android. It wasn’t too bad, a bit slow but usable. It would be great for books but the paper on the web browser was something else and not in a good way. Too slow and graphics (comics) were bad, unreadable even. So, back it went.

I then tried an Android Tablet. Again, not bad, not good. Its 7″ display was ok, as an eReader, again, nope. It was really a second laptop which I didn’t need. Back it went.

A friend of mine had suggested an iPad. Please, it’s an Apple product. I have previously owned an iPod Touch and didn’t like it – at all. Tonight, I read a number of reviews and checked out what eReader type apps were available and thought, well, what the hell. So, off I go back to Best Buy and I pick one up. The sales guy was really helpful, didn’t try to steer me towards the 32bg or higher model and didn’t think that the new iPad 2 coming out was all that much better. The current iPad came down to $419 for the 16gb model, not bad.

Well, after getting it home and playing with it, this device is AMAZING. I downloaded PressReader for the paper, better than how my pc displays it. The built-in eReader program is great. It’s fast, awesome display and when you turn it, he display changes without any annoying delay.

I’ll admit, I’ve only had it for 3 hours but thus far it is a 10/10. Great job Apple!!!

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