The Weather and Technology

The weather forecast called for 5cm of snow overnight.  Yeah, ok, I’ve heard that one before.  My Grand Prix was in the front of the driveway, I should have switched the cars around yesterday to have the Jeep at the front of the driveway, but, I was thinking, it is only going to be 5cm.

I wake up this morning and low and behold, we have about 15cm of that damn white shit on the ground.  Enough is enough already.

I don’t mind winter, really.  The cold doesn’t bother me, I actually prefer it over the heat and humidity of the summer.  I am getting REALLY tired of shovelling snow though.  The snow that fell last night was heavy too, REALLY heavy.

So, the back deck is shovelled as is the sidewalk.  I cleared off both vehicles and switched them around.  Had a few problems backing the Grand Prix back into the driveway, got stuck a couple of times but made it.  The Jeep, not even close to getting stuck.  I must say that 4×4 is amazing and I wouldn’t want to have to do without it in the winter.  Mind you, we typically don’t get snow like we did this winter, we’ve gotten more than our fair share.  I guess that we are lucky that the rain that we had yesterday (and it rained hard) switched almost directly to snow and skipped over that freezing rain that could have turned the city into a skating rink.

Enough about the weather.  I am sure that spring will arrive soon enough.

I am looking for some sort of eReader.  In the last few days, I have purchased one at Costco, it was a colour eReader running Android as its OS.  It wasn’t too bad and I am sure that books on it would have been great.  The battery didn’t seem all that good though, I think that you’d have to charge it almost on a daily basis.  You could browse the web via WiFi but it wasn’t the greatest experience ever.  Of course, what does one expect for $160?  So, I returned the eReader to Costco.

I also tried a full Android Tablet.  It was good actually, had a 7″ touch screen and did a nice job on the web, etc.  The problem is that I really don’t need a second laptop and this is what it was.

My main purpose here is reading the paper on one of these devices.  I can read it on my laptop (or desktop) pc without any issues, I just don’t necessarily want to have to use the laptop to read the paper.  The Android tablet did a good job of it but the browser is a little slow.

So, after playing with the tablet for a bit, I decided that it also needed to be returned, it wasn’t worth the $500 that it cost me.

I am thinking about a Kindle but when I sent a copy of the paper to my co-worker, he uploaded it to the Kindle and the paper itself is ok (black and white of course) but pictures, comics, etc., don’t come up well at all.  I am sure that this is the fault of the people who prepare the file for the Kindle and not the Kindle itself.  I don’t have any eBooks at the moment, I of course could purchase some and read them, but I am not sure that I really want to do that.

It was suggested that I could purchase an iPad.  Hmmm …  I am not sure.  I had an iPod Touch, didn’t really like it and the iPad is really just an iPad Touch.  I don’t like how those devices work so I think I will skip on the whole Apple angle.

Where does this leave me?  I am not sure.  Guess that I will decide that in the next while.

On a similar note, I am very happy with my new Android phone.  I purchased a Motorola Milestone.  I can’t quite type as fast on it as I could on my Blackberry but the other features and the speed blow away the Blackberry.  Good decision there as far as I am concerned.

I am sure I’ll have more of this later.

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