iHop in St. Catharines

As we are well aware, I like to eat out and I do it WAY too often.  Today, for brunch or actually lupper (lunch/supper) or linner (lunch/dinner), I went to the new iHop in St. Catharines.  It is where the old Golden Griddle used to be along the service road.

I have been to iHops in the US, they are amazing.  I have also been to the iHop on Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls and I will NEVER return to it again.  It was way over-priced and not at all like they are in the US.  So, the trip to the new St. Catharines iHop was a gamble.

Turns out that this iHop is just like the ones in the US – huge menu and reasonably priced.  Beats the one in NF hands down.  The food was great, a little on the pricy side but not too bad.  The service is slow though, really slow.  It took nearly and hour and a half to get in and out so if you are in a hurry, forget it.  They have redone the interior which is good, the Golden Griddle was showing its age and that was years ago when I was there last.

All in all, a good place to eat, if you have the time.  I will be back, hopefully the service will speed up a bit.  As for eating the rest of the day, I doubt that I will need to, I had more than enough food to be sure.

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