My Twitter Name

A co-worker asked me about my Twitter name, DancesWithZeus, here is my email to him, partially explaining it:

You asked about my Twitter name, DancesWithZeus.  Well, if you remember back when I got that letter of reprimand, well, I wanted to change my Twitter name, it used to be kevindarcy or something like that.
Anyway, a friend of mine (since grade 9) is like 1/16th Native American, could be 1/32 or 1/64, doesn’t really matter.  A long running joke is that he is a full Indian.  We were talking about the movie Dances with Wolves (I don’t know why) and he came up with my “Indian” name of Dances with Zeus, Zeus of course being my dog so I thought that it was an interesting name for Twitter since it doesn’t personally identify me.  I haven’t tweeted any “bad” comments about the “all powerful” Region since then anyway, God forbid that I offend poor what’s her name, the bitch that she is (I am sure you know who I am talking about).
So, hopefully this will make you happy.

About kdarcy21

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