The phone is on the way …

I feel like I used to on Christmas Eve when I was a kid. I’ve ordered my Milestone, ordered it online and they have shipped it, BUT, it’s the weekend so it won’t arrive until Monday. In hindsight, perhaps I should have picked it up at a retail store, then I wouldn’t have to wait – oh well …

So, my Milestone should arrive on Monday. It is being delivered to my work and Purolator normally gets there at around 10am. That seems like a LONG time from now. It isn’t of course, just seems like it.

So, I have that “anticipation feeling” – I am sure you know what I mean.

I’m going to try to go without caller ID on the phone – I will have to see if I can handle that. Seeing as the only people who will have the number are people that I want to have the number, it won’t be too bad. It will be a bit weird to pick up the phone without knowing who is calling – I’ve had caller ID since, well, whenever caller ID was first available.

I remember when I was still working at Vaxxine out in Jordan that there was only analogue service – no caller ID. The day that the “D” appeared (meaning digital service) I immediately subscribed to caller ID. Back then phones didn’t browse the web never mind Facebook, Twitter, etc – those apps didn’t exist yet, neither did Blackberry’s or any smart phones.

So, I am looking forward to getting my new phone. Have a good weekend.


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One Response to The phone is on the way …

  1. Kevin D'Arcy says:

    In looking back at old posts, I mentioned I was going to try going without caller ID on my new Milestone. Well, that didn’t work out. I had to get it. Couldn’t handle not knowing who was calling.

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