An update for a Tuesday

Yesterday was Family Day. A day off of work with pay – you have to love it. I didn’t spend any time with my family unless you consider my dog Zeus – I stayed at home all day which really isn’t a bad way to spend a day off. I had a long nap in the afternoon (have I ever mentioned that I love napping?) and otherwise took it easy all day.

It is a short week at work this week – Monday off as I just mentioned and I am also off on Friday. No real plans this coming weekend other than another baseball registration.

I think that I’ve decided against coaching this summer. I don’t know exactly what has changed but I don’t think I want to now. I’d prefer to just have a summer off – maybe go and watch the odd game here and there and perhaps do some umpiring. I haven’t totally decided as yet but that is the way that I am leaning.

It is only February 22 and I have filed my income taxes. I am getting $512 or so back which isn’t too bad at all. I think that I will pick up a Motorola Milestone with my refund and give up the Blackberry. A big jump to be sure leaving the world of Blackberry that I have been a card carrying member since they first came out. It is time for a change though.

Well, two more days to work then 3 off – sounds good to me.

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