Interview – Part 2

Well, I am not sure if the advertisement was accurate or not. They are looking for someone with networking experience, the other components of the position are all back-fill – do those parts when people are off.

The interview went well enough although they really focused on networking questions which I was “sort of” able to answer. The written test, not so much. It was all networking theory – I really haven’t done networking since my previous job and that was ten years ago. They asked about some stuff that I haven’t even heard of.

Oh well – it was a good experience anyway.

They will have a second round of interviews and I can almost gaurantee that I won’t get a positive call. If I am in the top of whoever they interview then the other candidates must have NO networking experience and don’t work for the government at all.

It doesn’t bother me mind you, my current job is great. I am confortable which can mean that at times I am bored, but it is steady. Sure, I don’t like some of the stuff that goes on, but who is ever completely happy with their job – I doubt that anyone is.

So, I am told that I will hear back within a week or so.

On another note, baseball (what else), it looks like I will be coaching an NDBA Major Bantam club this year. I was applying for Major Midget but someone else came out of the woodwork so I stepped aside – I really don’t care where I am coaching. Not sure who I will have on the staff at this point – that is totally up in the air as of right now.

Major Bantam is for 15 year olds, players born in 1996 I guess. Hmmm, at that point in my life I was already working full time, at Vaxxine. They have one year experience on the full size diamond so it won’t be a shocker. Should be fun. I am sure that I will let you know.

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