Got the Interview

I received a phone call today, well a message anyway. I got an interview – awesome. It’s a first step anyway. I have to ace the interview I guess then we will see.

If I don’t get it, it isn’t the end of the world – the Region is a good place to work. I am just getting a little stale there is all.

If I do get it, it’ll be at least a 6k per year raise, more actually since it is non-union so I’d save the dues that I currently pay. I’d stay with OMERS so that is a good thing – at this point, I can’t see leaving the public sector unless I made a LOT more, the pension plan is a good thing for sure.

I wouldn’t move right away, I’d commute for a bit – until I found the right place. The commute would drive me nuts I am sure but it would only be an hour – I would be able to handle that for a bit.

Anyway, wish me luck.

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