Ball Hockey Tourny a Success

The ball hockey tournament that Niagara Region ran yesterday was a success. We had 30+ teams participate and raised over 8k (I think) for various homeless charities in Niagara. I was a referee, not a bad gig.

I assisted with the setup and take-down. We used bales of hay to devide the rinks in the parking lot. Did you know that bales of hay are damn heavy? I would have made a lousy farmer, that’s for damn sure. Oh well, it was for a good cause.

Did really do much else this weekend. We got another 15cm of snow (or so) last night, I still haven’t been outside to shovel. I do enjoy winter but I am getting really tired of having to shovel all of this white crap. I bet this is the heavy stuff too.

I’m still sore from moving all that hay – hopefully the snow won’t be that bad …

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