Sunday Update

I went out for breakfast this morning to the Greasy Spoon. I eat our at restaurants WAY too much I think. I should tally what I actually spend eating at restaurants over a month, I am sure that I’d be surprised and likely not pleasantly. Oh well.

The weekend is a little more than 1/2 over, that sucks. No real plans today, I guess that I’ll figure it out later.

Baseball registration was slow yesterday, we had 20 or so people sign up. Not as bad as it could have been I guess, it is still pretty early in the year. Hopefully our numbers will go up this year. I am thinking of coaching either Junior house league or perhaps Midget all star – if there is a Midget all star team. I know that I said that I likely wasn’t going to coach again this summer but if I coached Junior HL, that wouldn’t be a huge committment. Midget AS would be, but I would enjoy it more than I did with Peewee last season I am sure. Lots to consider. I don’t want to commit to anything as yet because I don’t know about the job that I applied for – gotta wait another couple of weeks on that I guess. I hate waiting but what choice do I have.

I suppose that if I do commit to ball and I do end up getting the new job then I will have to commute for the summer which won’t be all that bad. I could then make a decision on moving in the Fall.

Time will tell.

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