World of Warcraft

I decided to download World of Warcraft to see what it was all about. The install file downloaded quickly enough and then I see that the game is somewhere close to 10gb in size. Wow. And I mean wow, that’s a large download, not a reference to World of Warcraft (I would have written it as WoW). Anyway, I currently do not have enough space on the hard drive of my main computer to download that – it is almost full. I decided to download it on my laptop.

I let it run for a few hours, I am only on DSL here so it took some time. It got to the point where I could start to play so I created a character. I don’t like it from the get-go – it doesn’t seem all that good to me. I don’t really understand how to play, I can move around and what not, but that is about it.

I have played many role play type games before – this one seems damn confusing. Maybe it is just me, maybe I am getting old. Who knows.

Anyway, I give up. I read a bit online on specifics, doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble. Am I lazy or what? So, for all of those millions of people who are enjoying it, keep it up. Maybe I will join your ranks some day but for now, I think I’ll pass.


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