December Update

Well, it is December 21, I haven’t made an entry in nearly a month. No particular reason, not too much to say.

We (the family) have decided not to do any gift exchange this year. This is a good thing. I HATE shopping. Well, actually I enjoy shopping when I know what I am getting but buying for other people is a pain. I also hate wrapping stuff up. It’ll be nice just having dinner this year with the family. My two cousins are in Toronto this year and they are heading this way.

I have decided that I am not going to apply for any of the NDBA club teams for the 2011 season. I thought about it for the last few months, ever since baseball ended I guess and my mind hasn’t changed. At this point, I doubt that I will coach at all next summer, I can’t see myself coaching a house league team and I doubt that SCMBA will have any other all star clubs in 2011, I could be wrong there though.

I haven’t decided yet if I will do any umpiring or not but I think that I will, maybe a few games a week at most. I don’t want to get into a game every night like some umpires do, that’s a bit insane – I already have a job.

I do want to try to get into shape next summer, a shape other than round … lol

I think that I will try to ride my new bike a lot more than I did this past summer, that will be pretty easy though.

I watched, for the first time tonight, Corner Gas. I think that it also happened to be the very first episode as well. I liked it, I am not sure where I was while it was on its first run but I think that I will try to catch up on it.

Well, enjoy the holidays if you have time off work or whatever or don’t – doesn’t matter to me. 🙂

PS: Maybe I will try to BLOG weekly. Or monthly. I think that I will go back and read the last years worth.


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