Back to Windows …

I was getting tired of some of the “oddness” of using Ubuntu on my laptop so I have reinstalled Windows 7.  I have been using Windows 7 at work for ages so there isn’t much of a change at home now.  Great OS, Microsoft really did a good job on this one I must admit.

I am using Windows Live Writer to make this entry.  It is part of Windows Live Essentials and the entire package isn’t bad at all.  Another good one on Microsoft’s part I guess.

Since I am speaking so highly of Microsoft, I must also say something good about Security Essentials.  It is an excellent anti-virus program and best of all, it is FREE.  I’d recommend it over any of the “commercial” programs that are out there that want $50 a year or whatever.

Union meeting to attend to this evening.  I think.  The meeting starts @ 7pm and I plan on going unless something better comes up.  Here’s to hoping that something better comes up – those meetings can be rather BORING.

Have a good night.


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