A Monday Update …

Had a good relaxing weekend. It went by too quickly, naturally. When do weekends ever go by too slowly? Has that ever happened?

Back to work today. Not a bad day at work – kept fairly busy.

Scheduled a brake job for the Jeep for a couple of weeks from now. It is just shy of 80000km so it is due. It was quoted at just under $500 so not too bad. I submitted an expense report which will cover that so all is good on that front.

The NDBA AGM is coming up, November 25 I think it is. I am planning on going but have no plans at all at being on the Board again. I think that AD is done as President, not sure there and really not sure what is going to happen with the Association. Actually, I really don’t care all that much either – I did my part, I was on the Board for at least 7 years, maybe longer and that is enough of that. It is a shame that baseball is on a decline and has been on a decline for such a long time. I am sure that at some point it will pick up, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Nothing else much is happening really. Some tech from Distributel is coming tomorrow evening to configure my home phone so that I can use the jacks with their service. It is sorta odd I think that I can’t do it on my own but the person that I talked to on the phone didn’t want to explain it – oh well. Also, people can’t currently call my number, they get the message that the number is not in service. Who knows on that one.

I am watching game 5 of the World Series. It is currently top of 3 and there is no score. I can’t see Texas coming back being down 3 games to 1 – really can’t. Oh well, perhaps it is the Giants time to win, at least Bonds no longer plays for them.

Enjoy the evening.


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