Playoff Game #1

Well, last night was an interesting game. Nothing against Port Colborne, they have a good club for a small City. I am not sure what happened with my team last night but, to put it mildly, they did not play well.

We ended up losing to Port Colborne 13-5 or so, I am not even sure of the final score. Nice. If we lose tonight (and we haven’t beaten NF yet) then we fall to 3rd place which would mean two trip to Port Colborne (in a best of 3 series) in the 2nd round – yuck.

I am missing the SS from the team, his family is on vacation. Nice time for vacation. I shifted players around and NO ONE could field a ground ball. All of the hits to the outfield were not hit anywhere near a player. I now have to decide who plays where tonight, almost all over again.

Some days I must admit, I hate baseball … lol – wish us some luck 🙂


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