CNE Tournament

The drive to Toronto yesterday wasn’t too bad at all. We had the customary slowdowns here and there but all in all the traffic was pretty good. I really don’t understand why people have to slow down to look at a police car with its lights flashing on the OTHER side of the highway – can anyone explain that to me?

Anyway, I left Niagara Falls @ 4:50pm and arrived at the CNE grounds at 6:45pm so maybe it was a bit longer than I really thought it was. Dinner was good – chicken, potatoes, salad – healthy stuff, imagine that … I am surprised that my body didn’t reject it.

I signed in and was tenth or so – this of course means that I draw 10th. We were slotted into a good game time, August 24 (Tue) @ 10am, I wanted to play at 10 so that works out well for me. We are playing the Vaughan Vikings Minor Peewee club. I would REALLY hate to lose out to a Minor club, but, from what I hear the Vaughan program is suffering a bit right now. The Major Peewee team from Vaughan was in the Niagara Falls Tournament this past weekend and they didn’t win any games, not that that means anything. I guess we will wait and see.

There is supposed to be a baseball practice this evening and the weather forecast is calling for rain and thundershowers. The regular season wraps up tomorrow evening in Niagara Falls against the Minors. Play-offs start next week and then we will coast to the end of the season pretty well.

More later. 🙂


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