Well, we’ve actually practiced …

The weather has taken a turn, for the good this time. We got our first team practice in on Wednesday evening and another last night, both good practices. We are set for another this morning at 9am and the weather is great.

There is a lot to cover and we aren't going to get to a heck of a lot before we play our first double header tomorrow. I haven't even decided who'll be playing what positions or who my starting pitcher is going to be – guess that I will figure that out tonight.

I have stopped waking up at such insane hours. For a few months it was 4am, 430am or earlier perhaps. No idea why it was happening but it was sort of annoying. I am now waking up at a much more reasonable 6am, I can handle that. I am also going to bed later so perhaps that is the key. When you wake up so damn early you don't have much of a choice but to go to bed early, like 8pm – that's a bit insane.
Well, off to practice for me shortly. Enjoy.

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