Long update – my bad …

It has been a week since my last post.  I don’t have regular Internet access at the moment – I am using a Rogers Rocket stick.  It isn’t bad, but I have to connect and what-not and haven’t been online much at all.  I also haven’t been using my laptop at all so I guess I have gotten lazy about posting …

So, since last week a fair amount has gone on. 

I got the Shaw Direct TV connected, it is pretty good.  Excellent signal and it is an inexpensive option for sure.  After summer I will likely bump up the programming a bit but for summer I am going to be too busy to worry about TV too much.  I don’t get CHCH from Hamilton and I do miss the news in the morning, but I will get over that.

I am off work this week – I have been off since Friday.  I have a total of 10 days off and by this time, my vacation is half over.  I figured that I would book myself a week off – I needed a break.  I was supposed to have a week off at the end of May and I was planning on heading to Washington.  Well, when I submitted my availability sheet for baseball, I screwed up and said that the team was available the weekend that I wanted to go away.  Anyway, we are scheduled for two double-headers that weekend so I will be sticking around.

I attended the Level 2 umpiring clinic this past Saturday.  I didn’t get my certification last year so I decided as opposed to asking to be able to recertify Level 3 I would just do Level 2 – the only thing that Level 3 allows me to do that I can’t now is umpire Senior ball which I don’t want to do anyway.  I got 100% on the exam – not too shabby at all.  The exam is true/false but getting perfect is still something.  I have my first umpiring assignments today in Grimsby.  My partner is RF so that will be fun – we haven’t umpired together very much if at all.

Baseball is proceeding well – we FINALLY start our tryouts on Friday evening.  I am looking forward to cutting down to 12 or 13 players and getting on with it.  We will have just 2 short weeks to go over a LOT of stuff before our first double-header.  Niagara Falls made their final cuts last week and sent us 6 players, 5 of whom came out to our workout this past Friday.  There is some talent there for sure and a few of the NF boys will help us out.

I have ordered the house league uniforms for SCMBA – they will be in by the middle of May.  That was a fairly big job and I hope that I got it correct.

J&D celebrated their 23rd anniversary this past Sunday, Happy Anniversary.  I took them out for breakfast – wow eh?  lol

My friend RS fell and badly damaged her knee.  She was in the hospital for a few days and has had one surgery already.  She has to wait until the beginning of June or so and then have another round so they can reattach everything in her knee – a painful experience I am sure.

Well, that was a long update.  Time to get my day under way.


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