It’s been a few days … Again …

OK, it has been a few days since I last made an entry.  I haven’t had ready access to the Internet and I guess I haven’t had a lot to say.  OK, I’ll admit it, I ALWAYS have a LOT to say …  LOL

Nothing overly exciting has happened since I last posted.  I am still getting up early, although I have slept in well past 5AM a few times.  Work is good, keeping busy.  Baseball is good as well, keeping very busy there as well. 

We have been outside a few times with the Peewee’s.  We have some talent on the club, that’s for sure.  There are also a couple of players who are currently coming out that if they continue to come out during try-outs they will be QUICKLY cut.  One thing that I have learned over the years is NOT to over estimate players.  I made those mistakes BIG TIME way back in 2001.  What an awful year of baseball that was.  At least it was a learning experience and I don’t make those mistakes any longer.  I think that I have also become a bit harder-lined, if I did choose a player who wasn’t working out, I think I would release him.  I think we’ll have a good core of players, we will have a few weaker ones of course, that always happens.  Pitching might be an issue – not sure, haven’t really looked at pitchers yet.

We have an indoor workout tomorrow (Friday).  It is supposed to be crappy weather in the evening so I figured an indoor workout might be a good idea.  I think that I will take a look at some pitchers and see what, if anything, they have to offer.

Saturday will be busy too.  I am getting the oil changed on the Grand Prix at 8AM and then have to zip off to bingo @ 9:30AM.  After that I have to go to Toronto for dinner and I really don’t feel like doing that, however, I’ll be a team player, this time anyway …

I will be meeting with DV on Sunday to discuss coaches and do uniform stuff for baseball.  I am definitely taking on a much more active role in baseball this year than I EVER have before – I hope that I don’t burn out from it …  Should be fine, the pre-season stuff is nearly over.

Well, just about time to officially start my day.  Enjoy yours.


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