Another update – too lazy to post?

OK, another few days have gone by without a post.  I’m getting bad.  It isn’t necessarily that I have been overly busy I don’t think – who knows …

I just finished a 5-day long weekend.  Spring came early to the Niagara area.  We had temps in the mid to upper 20’s – very unusual for this time of year and very welcome as well.

Thursday – Brought BP and his bike over to Bike fit on Scott Street.  BP is going to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer in June and he needed some work done on his bike.  Well, while waiting for him, Kevin decided to purchase a new bike.  It is a good bike and I got it for a good deal.  I put 20% down on it and will be picking it up at the end of the month.  I wish that I could take Zeus out for a run while I ride but I am afraid that he would end up getting run over – that might not be pretty.

We had our first outdoor workout on Thursday as well (baseball).  The Minor Peewee team has been scrubbed.  This should help our numbers at the Major level – a few of the minors (12 year olds) will make the club.  I am really looking forward to the season.  Still gotta work on my brother in law to get him as my 3rd base coach.

Friday – Non-descript day, it was Good Friday, everything was closed.

Saturday – Drove to Peterborough for my almost-annual lunch with JB.  We go to a place called Hot Belly Moma’s, great Cajun style food.  It was an awesome day for a drive and good to see JB.  PC didn’t drive me insane on either the trip to or from Peterborough so that’s good.

Sunday – Slept a LOT on Sunday.  Had a couple of naps.  Again, everything is closed, Easter Sunday.

Monday – Went over the river to the factory outlet mall in Niagara Falls, NY.  No really good deals unfortunately.  Good food at Appleby’s though.

Well, that was my weekend.  The five days flew by, not sure why time off seems to go faster than work time, but it always does.

I’ll try not to take so long to post again.  🙂


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