Update – it’s been almost a week …

Well, it has been nearly a new week since I last posted something. I guess I was busy this week …

A few changes have occurred. I cancelled my home telephone service. I figured for the little that I use my home phone, is it really worth $35 per month or so? I guess not, so I am going to try the cell phone route. That way, people can get a hold of me regardless of where I am. I will see if it works.

I have also cancelled my cable – just for the summer. I realize that it isn’t summer as yet, but it will be here right around the corner. I watch very little TV as it is and I was spending WAY too much TV. When I get it back, I am going to get either basic cable or the next step up so that I can get a few of the specialty channels. I will have to check pricing I suppose. That can wait until September though – that seems like a LONG time from now but I am sure it will be here before I know it.

So, what else is new? Well, I purchased a new bike. I plan on doing some riding this summer and this will MAKE me ride. I am going to sell my old bike, it is still in good condition and is an excellent bike. It needs some work, not a lot. I should take it out of the shed and see what it needs done to it.

I bought a bike from Bike Fit in St. Catharines. It was on sale so that is a good thing and they let me put it on lay-away for 20% down. I plan on picking it up at the end of April – that will give me several months to ride it. I will keep this one inside though – over the winter anyway. I think it will be ok in the shed otherwise.

It has been decided that SCMBA will only have one Peewee club this summer. We didn’t have enough players for two clubs. That is unfortunate, but, in the long run it will help my team – there are a few minor players who will help me out for sure. The decision should have probably been brought to the Board, but it has been decided – I hope that shit doesn’t hit the fan – at least it wasn’t my decision, just my recommendation.

I am really looking forward to the season starting. We had our first outdoor workout last evening – it was excellent weather for sure. Now I have to work on Dave to agree on assisting me this summer (that would be my brother in law Dave). I am hoping that he will. Guess we will see what will happen on that front – if he isn’t done his rec-room it might be tough to get him to help.

Wll, that is it for the last week. I am into day 2 of 5 days off of work. It is the Easter weekend, gotta love paid time off of work. I am heading to Peterborough tomorrow to meet with JB from Ottawa – looking forward to it.

More later.


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