Canada’s Pink Floyd Show – The Review …

I have watched movies where at the end of them you think, “I am not going to get that two hours of my life back”. Well, I feel that way about “Canada’s Pink Floyd Show” that we went to last evening.

As I have written, I am not a big fan of the City of Toronto – it is too busy for my tastes, that is pretty well it really.

The drive there was good – traffic was a bit slow through the never ending construction but that is to be expected. We found a parking spot right near The Opera House – good deal.

We decided to walk from The Opera House to the Eaton Centre. Well, this was quite the walk … It wouldn’t have been so bad under a few conditions:

a) the temperature hadn’t been 3 degrees celcius
b) there hadn’t been a 20kph head wind
c) I had actually been wearing an appropriate jacket

Anyway, the walk did me good I am sure. We got back to the car just after our first parking permit expired. We put in an extra $5 to cover us until morning. Time for a coffee. Now, Toronto is no St. Catharines when it comes to Tim Horton’s and other places to have coffee. We luckily had passed an Espresso Bar a block back so back we go. Slam a slice of pizza down to ol’ gullet and now stand in line @ 7PM for the concert.

The line almost immediately starts which is good – it is getting cold. We are inside in about 10 or 15 minutes so that is great. I have mentioned, the name of this place is The Opera House. I get a vision of a concert hall with row after row of seating. Well, no, not here. It is, essentially, a giant multi-leveled bar. Interesting … There are only a few tables to sit at and they are all taken, so, this means that we will be standing for the show. OK … It is 7:20 or so and the show is supposed to start @ 9PM and will likely last 3 hours. Our feet are going to be tired.

9PM rolls around and the show starts. OK, they can play Pink Floyd, the instrumentation is pretty good. Now it gets BAD, the singer starts to sing.

Pink Floyd could be described perhaps as, well, mellow … This guy is rushing through everything. I am disappointed to say the least. The light show is good, that’s a positive note anyway.

The second song starts, Great Gig in the Sky. This is the song where the woman essentially screams through it. She isn’t bad, she isn’t good though. I’ve decided at this point that I want to leave. These guys don’t have a clue …

A few years ago, I saw a GOOD Pink Floyd cover band, the Australian Pink Floyd show and it was something else. It was amazing, the best concert that I have ever been to. I am not even sure what I am listening to here. I am hoping that perhaps the singer will fall into a coma and perhaps the band will continue just with the instruments and then it happens – the band actually starts to ad-lib and add their own little “flairs” and what-not to the music, they changed the endings, they add “stuff” in the middle, they quicken the pace, in one word, they SUCK.

So, we’ve be in there for a few hours and we have suffered through 40 minutes of this show, I decide that I need a breather.

When I return, I suggest that if the other people want to, we can leave. I praise the Gods that wisdom has prevailed and it is agreed that yes, we can leave. I hate to waste money as much as the next guy but I would have preferred to simply burn two twenty dollar bills than to have made this pilgrimage to Toronto.

The drive home is quick. We don’t listen to any Pink Floyd on the sound system – we listen to the radio – they don’t play any either – I am sure that there is a bad taste in Q107’s mouth as well, they sponsored this thing. How embarrassing …

A Perkins run ended the evening. Didn’t end it that well either – for some reason they changed their onion rings and brought out something that could have been considered onion rings, maybe, in the third world …

Let’s forget Saturday – how does that sound?

My rating of Canada’s Pink Floyd show? How about 2 out of 10? That’s being generous …


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