U12 or U13? Does it matter?

I enquired about putting my baseball team into the Boys of Summer league in Western New York.  The age difference between Canada and the US is a mere 4 months.  Our birth year is a calendar year and in the US it is May – April.  So, this means that some of our players (anyone born prior to April 30) are over-aged.

I am coaching Major Peewee – they turn 13 this in 2010 (born in 1997).  We use 75’ bases and a 50’ pitching distance.  The U13 division in the US plays on regulation diamonds.

So, after I enquire, they offer to allow us in their U13 division.  I am likely going to be carrying a few players who only turn 12 in 2010 so moving a young team UP to play on a regulation diamond doesn’t make any sense to me.  We also play on a Peewee diamond in our regular league as well as OBA Tournaments and OBA play-offs.  Playing up might help us in 2011, but that is 2011 – I’ll deal with that when I get there.

So, I guess that I am looking for other U12 teams from the US to play – we will have some over-aged players but the WNYTB League is OK with having some over-aged players – they are just interested in playing baseball.

Hopefully I will get some additional contacts from the States side and I can arrange some games and/or tournaments.

The fun continues …


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