More baseball – the season is soon …

Went to a baseball meeting tonight over the ditch – that would mean the United States of America.  This was for the Western New York Travel Baseball league.  It is an “informal” type league, you can play 5 games or 50 games and they are ok with that.  It doesn’t sound like there are a lot of Major Peewee clubs and although I am coaching a 13u club, in the US, this translates essentially to a 12u club because of the difference of when we consider birthdays.  It should be a good option for a few more games though.

I am going to look into the Boys of Summer League as well.  I coached in that league back in 2007 and it was the first year of the league, it was rough.  I am sure that they’ve worked out those early issues by now – I hope anyway.

I am looking for some competition for the team although I am not sure what type of a team I will have – time will tell.

All I really know is that I am really looking forward to the upcoming season – bring it on …


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