Baseball Season – Right around the corner …

We had our second indoor baseball clinic this evening.  Last weeks clinic was cancelled due to bad weather.  There were 16 players out tonight, 9 majors and 7 minors – good turnout as far as I am concerned for this time of year.  We now take a two week break because of March Break.

We did the regular throwing drills, some fielding, hitting, etc.  We played a three inning game with the Majors playing against the Minors with some special playing rules seeing as we were inside. 

Going into the bottom of the third, the Majors held a 6-2 lead but we blew the lead and surrendered 5 runs in the bottom of the inning to let the Minors (who were outnumbered by the way, remember, 9 Majors and 7 Minors) come back for the win.  It was a fun way to end.

Well, that didn’t actually end it.  We did a “Golden Glove” competition.  The players are at one end of the gym and a coach hits and another coach catches.  We hit a ball and the player has to field it cleanly and then make a “good” throw back.  We go through one player at a time until we are left with one winner.

The kids like the competition and it reinforces the skills that we work on each night.

I am optimistic that we will have a good club for the 2010 season.  I am looking forward to getting outside – it’ll be another month or so anyway but it should be good.


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