Closing Ceremonies and the Android

Well, a VERY successful Winter Olympics.  Canada finished with 14 gold medals, a record for ANY nation in the Winter Olympics.  I would say that we certainly OWNED the podium in 2010.

The Men’s Hockey Game this afternoon was quite amazing.  To lead 2-0 and then allow the Americans to catch up to win it in OT, simply amazing.  We Canadians can’t take too much pressure though, come on …

We finished in 3rd place medal wise but the 14 golds medals was better than any nation, Germany had 10 and the US 9 – that’s a HUGE margin if you ask me (you didn’t, but you’re reading MY blog).

So, a big congrats to all of the Canadian Athletes who did such a great job in 2010.  We have a LOT to live up to in 2014 in Russia.

On another front, I am actually considering leaving the Blackberry family and moving over to an Android phone.  I played with one at the Telus store at the Pen Centre today and it seemed pretty good.  The best part is that Telus will allow you to return the phone up to 14 days after you purchase it if you aren’t happy – very cool indeed.

So, I might make the switch in the next day or two and I will report if I do and if I am happy …

Out for now – later …


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