I don’t want a title …

I haven’t posted in a few days – not sure why.  I guess maybe that I haven’t had much to say, imagine that, me – without much to say, that’s impossible.

So, what’s gone on?  Not a heck of a lot really.  I am glad that the week is over – it was a long week.

Canada played Slovakia yesterday and won – by the “skin of our teeth”.  We held a comfortable 3-0 lead going into the dying minutes of the third period but we couldn’t seem to keep the puck out of our own end.  Luongo made some amazing saves and Canada had a LOT of luck on our side and we held on for the win.  We now face the United States in the GOLD medal game on Sunday.

Slovakia will face Finland in the bronze medal game after they (Finland) got hammered by the US on Friday afternoon.  The Americans haven’t lost a game yet in the Olympics – mind you, Canada has only lost once, to the US of course.  I think it should be a different contest with Luongo in net.  Brodeur is a good goalie, he used to be the best goalie in the world but that was years ago.  He is just about ready to retire I’d guess – he likely doesn’t think he’s done yet but he is.  But hey, what the hell do I know about hockey, I am a baseball coach.

Canada also took silver last night in Women’s curling.  We had two chances to win the gold medal but it wasn’t to be.  We did win a couple of other medals in various sports and I think that we have the overall gold medal lead which is pretty freakin’ amazing as far as I am concerned.

We can still win Men’s curling, Men’s hockey – who knows what else is left – not too much I’d doubt.  Pretty successful games all in all.

Our baseball workout last night was cancelled due to bad weather.  It was also cancelled due to the school being closed mind you.  We’ll pick it up next week and I am hoping to see a few more Major Peewee aged players.  It might end up being a mixed club as well, I’m ok with that too.

Well, it is Saturday.  I slept in until almost 8AM.  I did wake up a few times earlier and decided that I wasn’t getting up – forget that…

Have a good weekend.


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