2010 Olympics

Great hockey game tonight.  Canada versus Russia.  Canada apparently hasn’t defeated the Russians at the Olympics since 1960 …  That is a LONG time …

Well, with 6:00 left in the 3rd period, Canada has a commanding 7-3 lead.  The third period has been a little slower, no real offense from either club.

It sounds to me like the “Fat Lady” is starting to warm up for her big victory song.

The battle is not over yet though – we (as in the BIG we, Canada) need two more wins for a gold medal.  Such pressure to win at what is our National sport. 

The Canadian “Chicks with Sticks” play their arch-rival Americans tomorrow evening for the gold medal.  Best of luck on the gold medal win.

This has been a pretty productive Olympics all in all.  I think that the whole “Own the Podium” thing was a bit of a long shot but Canada has done VERY well.  I think we currently stand either 4th or 5th in the medal standings.  Great job Canada – keep it up.

We now have 3 minutes to play in the 3rd – still up 7-3.  We should be able to pull it off unless ALL the wheels fall off and I doubt that will happen.  The team is getting a bit heated which I am not surprised at.  Damn Russians – go home, would ya …

This is a bit of needed revenge.  Russia did after all eliminate Canada in the 2006 Olympics in Italy and our record is a poor 1-9-0 against Russia all time in the Olympics.

I also commented on a post on Facebook by FI today.  He tried to claim that in 1980 the US beat Finland for the gold medal – this is well known as the “Miracle on Ice” and it was the US beating the unbeatable Russian squad.  FI, for some reason is convinced that he is correct.  Anyway, using the rather convenient Internet, I sent him an article on the “Miracle on Ice” – hopefully that will convince him.

So, 2:10 left – 4 on 4 hockey right now.  1:50 to go – still 4 on 4 …  Isn’t this exciting?  🙂

1:30 …  1:28 – offside.  Canada will claim the SEMI-FINAL berth.  🙂

1:10 … 1:00 …  final minute of play in the quarter final.  45 seconds …  30 seconds … 20 … 10 …

The Fat Lady is at her best, Canada WINS BIG TIME 7-3 over the EVIL Communist bastards from Russia !!!  The Russians are going home empty handed – POOR RUSSIA !!!

Awesome, awesome, awesome GAME CANADA !!!  I think that I will wear my Team Canada jersey tomorrow to work.  Congrats !!!


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