Income Tax Time

Well, this is some sort of record I think.  It is only February 23 and I filed my income taxes today.  I only received my T4 today as well – what do you think about that? 

I went online and used U-File to submit it.  Pretty easy service to use and it was only $16 to use the software.  I can’t electronically submit it unfortunately – only because I have to change my banking information.  I tried to do that on the Government of Canada web site, they don’t seem to accept Windows 7 and IE 8 …  Yeah, that’s convenient …

Anyway, I am getting nearly $600 back, not too bad I guess.  I really don’t do too many “tax savings” programs – no RRSP’s, etc.  I do pay extra tax each pay which is pretty well the only reason I get anything back.  So, $600 will come in handy I am sure.

So, that’s done – what’s next?

Well, Team Canada is playing Germany tonight to see who goes on to the quarters against Russia.  9 minutes to go and Canada is up 7-1 (we just scored as I was writing this).  I think I hear the fat lady singing away …

Russia will be a battle I am sure.  It would be nice if they were able to battle back and win a gold medal.  I think that Luongo HAS to stay in net, forget about Brodeur – he’s seen better days, IMHO.

Anyway, good luck to Team Canada “Chicks with Sticks” tomorrow in the gold medal game versus the dreaded American Ladies.



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