A slow few days …

Nothing much to report.  I went to bed insanely early yesterday, 7pm.  I was zonked.  I woke up a bunch of times but went back to sleep each time.  I feel completely refreshed this morning, imagine that.

Olympic Hockey tonight – Canada versus Germany with the winner playing Russia.  The Canadian Coach has selected Luongo as the goalie, that’s a good idea.  Nothing against Brodeur, but, his prime was 5 or 6 years ago.  He did a great job in 2002 when Canada won the gold medal, hopefully Luongo can do the same in 2010, but, with the way that Canada has been playing, getting by Germany isn’t a sure thing.  Russia will be another case all together.

I was watching an interview with Wayne Gretzky last night and he ended the interview by telling the CTV guy what a good job CTV has done with the Olympics — I am forced to wonder what exactly Wayne has been watching…  LOL

Thursday is T’s 40th Birthday – Happy Birthday T.  A bunch of the “originals” at the Region are taking her out for lunch.  We were supposed to go for Mexican at Carlos Cantina but they are closed for a week so we are hitting Sahla Thai instead.  I don’t think she looks 40, she is aging well – better than me for sure.

Thursday is also the gold medal game in women’s hockey, AKA “Chicks with Sticks”.  Team Canada plays the US in a clash of old rivals.  Should be a good game.  I am hoping that the ref won’t be an American like it was back in 2002 where they might as well have given her a stick and let her play for the Americans …  No, I’m not bitter …  🙂

That’s my update for now – been a slow few days.


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