Go Canada Go – Here’s to Curling, a chance for Gold on the ice …

Well, I posted a controversial status on Facebook yesterday.  I asked if I was “un-Canadian if a) I didn’t really care who won the Canada vs. US men’s hockey game yesterday and b) I didn’t think that Canada was going to win gold”.

Wow, there were a few comments from friends, to say the least.

In all honesty, I don’t really care who won.  Yes, I’d like Canada to win, of course, I am Canadian and I have no real love towards Americans in general, but does it affect me – no, it doesn’t.

Do I think that Canada will win gold?  No, I don’t.  Sure, I’d love them to, but, with how they have been playing, they won’t.  Sure, Canada clobbered Norway, but that’s Norway and this is hockey.  We barely slipped by the Swiss – a win in a shootout – please.  Now we play the US – arch rivals.  In general, Canada might be better than the US, but not this year, sorry.

I am not saying that the American will win gold, they likely won’t, however…  So, Canada loses and now must play Germany on Tuesday to keep going.  I am sure that will be an “easy’” win.  After that, presuming that Canada wins we would face Russia and who knows how that will end.

So, just like we all did in 2006, all of Canada can get behind the Men’s Curling team on their quest for gold.

I am not un-Canadian, I am just realistic, always have been.  I don’t let my emotions control my logic – perhaps I am Vulcan…

I put a new status up on Facebook about cheering for curling, I look forward to how many comments it will generate.

Go Canada Go !!!


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