Start of my 4-day weekend …

I am off work until Monday – a 4 day weekend.  Very cool and much needed.  Us Government employees do work hard from time to time.  It has been crazy busy this year thus far – the days just zip on by.

I am going to be busy on my 4 days off but that’s ok with me.  Heading to the Toronto Auto Show tomorrow – I am looking forward to it.  I have never been, have always wanted to go so I figured that this year was the year.  My expectations are high I guess, I hope that it lives up.  I don’t know what it’ll be like, buy hey, what the heck…

I have to stop off in Hamilton on the way to Toronto and hopefully stop off in Mississauga on the way back.  It’ll be a busy day – hopefully the weather will be nice – there are supposed to be flurries in the afternoon/evening.

We start with our winter clinics on Friday night.  I have only had a handful of replies to the email that I sent out 10 days ago or so.  I am hoping that a bunch of people will show up that haven’t replied – who knows, guess I will find out in 2 days.  If I don’t get a good turnout then I will send out another email.  If I don’t have a dedicated group by the end of the month (or so) then I will step back.  I won’t run a half-assed All-Star program that some of the BOD members seem to accept as the norm – that’s just me though…

So, enjoy your weekend once it arrives – I know that I’ll enjoy mine.


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