Family Day – Part Deux

Today is Family Day.  It is a made-up holiday by the Provincial Government – I would guess that they enacted it for some sort of political gain, quite sure of that much – what else have the Provincial Liberal bastards done for Ontario?  Hmmm…

So, anyway, off of that mini-rant – don’t get me going…  I am happy enough to have a day off with pay, that’s for sure.  It is nice to have something in the month of February.  We should have something every month, something to look forward to.  At least all of the stores, etc., were closed today as well.   It is nice that “those” people (in retail) had the day off too.  Poor restaurant people, they have to work.  I suppose that is their choice when they go into that line of work.  Hopefully the employer recognizes that will some extra coin for them.

I suppose I did some Family Day stuff.  I visited my sister and brother-in-law at least.  I borrowed their old LCD monitor, will return it once I can afford another one.  I am going to need it.  I am planning on doing a fair amount of work on the side and I need something other than my primary monitor…  I have a switch box, have had it for YEARS and finally am putting it to use.

Went out for lunch today as well – BP’s pick-up.  We went to Montana’s, had a pretty good turkey club sandwich.  Hmmm…  A club – that is supposed to have bacon on it, no?  I don’t think it did – oh well…

Had a nap this afternoon and I am SURE that I will pay for it tonight.  Gotta STOP napping…

Back to work tomorrow – it will be a gruelling 2-day work week.  I am hitting the Toronto Auto Show on Thursday (lieu time) and am off on Friday (ADO).  So, it is a 3-day weekend followed by a 4-day weekend – not a bad deal.

Well, that’s it – that was Family Day.  Hope yours was good too.


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