Welcome to the Olympics

It is the first day of a 3-day long weekend.  Family Day on Monday.  I do enjoy long weekends, but, they can be a tad boring if you have no plans.  I do have some stuff to do around the house but generally, nothing is going on.  That’s ok though.

Next week will be a pretty easy week all in all.  I am off on Monday of course.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be my only working days.  I am taking a lieu day on Thursday and hitting the auto show in Toronto – never been and have always wanted to go.  Friday is an ADO.

We have a slave-labour co-op student from SWC starting on Tuesday, I am hoping that he will work out well.  If he is as good as he appeared in his interview I think he’ll work out well.

So, what to do this weekend.  Well, I am getting a haircut today and then zipping into work for a bit.  Gotta return some shoes that I bought at the Pen and have since decided that I don’t need/want.  They were a good deal, but…

I don’t think that there is much else happening.  The Olympics are on and I am sure that I will watch it quite a bit.  I got HD programming back on the TV just for this so that will be good.  I watched a LOT of the summer games which seem like just yesterday – they were a year and a half ago now.

I hope that Canada lives up to the expectations that we have seen advertised for the last few months.  I wonder how the men’s hockey team will do?  Better than how we did in 2006 in Italy – that was just awful…  Curling was the event that we all watched back then.  I will admit that I don’t know too much about curling but Canada made some shots that to me defy the laws of physics… 

Tragic what happened to that athlete from Georgia.  I am also shocked that CTV news chose to show that on TV – a tad morbid I think and VERY tasteless.  I do prefer when CBC is the network showing the Olympics – I like their people better than CTV’s.  I hope a LOT of people send complaints to the CRTC about CTV showing that accident – there was no need for it.

I watched the end of the opening ceremonies this morning.  Not too bad, too bad that there was a technical glitch with the 4th arm of the cauldron that wouldn’t rise.  Good thing that Wayne Gretzky didn’t have to run from BC Place to the harbourfront to light the second cauldron – that was a 15 minute drive and he’s getting old, I am not sure that he would have made it…  🙂

Enjoy the games…


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