Baseball Tuesday …

Up early again, earlier than “normal” … Of course, I went to bed @ 9pm last night and slept well. Am I getting old already? Going to bed @ 9 and getting up well before the sun? OK, I can tell you this much, I am NOT going to become a farmer… LOL

Well, I do seem to get a fair amount accomplished when I am up this early. I still have a fair amount to do to prepare for my dinner party on the weekend. How about a list – that doesn’t seem to help…

  1. Wash kitchen floor
  2. Wash bathroom floor
  3. Connect speakers in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom and basement
  4. Clean stove
  5. Vacuum and dust

That should be about it… Not too bad of a list.

I am hoping to drop by the Hamilton RV show on Friday evening – it is my only night with some free time. I don’t think that I will be buying one in the immediate future but I do want to get home, hopefully before summer. Who knows though… I will more than likely buy a used one anyway, I will save some money. WB has said that he’d be willing to give me a deal on re-upholstering a trailer if I do get one and it happens to have flowers or something similar like a lot of older trailers seem to have…

As I indicated yesterday, we have a baseball meeting tonight. Lots to discuss I am sure. I do hope that DV will keep the meetings under a little better control than he has – the last meeting was a mess. Mind you, it was at Bugsy’s and it was LOUD in there. I do hope that I am given a team tonight. If the Board delays on it again I may withdraw my application and simply coach the Seniors with FI. I was the ONLY coach who submitted an application on time and was asked to “wait”… I won’t put up with it any longer … I have planning to do – tournaments will start filling up soon and I was lucky to get into the Vaughan Tournament and I did only because I saw DD at the Best Ever Clinic.

We’ll see what happens tonight I guess.

We also have our first registration this coming Saturday. I hope that we have a good turnout and that registration numbers go up for this season. If I am given the Peewee team then I will start on my recruitment right away.

More later…


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