Pro Bowl Sunday

So today is the Pro Bowl. The NFL is typically a very well run league. I REALLY don’t understand why they have moved the Pro Bowl to the weekend BEFORE the Super Bowl though, I really don’t… I understand why they moved it from Hawaii, very expensive out there and the stadium apparently needed a lot of upgrades.

Moving it to this weekend would pretty well ensure that ANY players who are in the Super Bowl WON’T be playing today. If you were playing next week in the Super Bowl, would you take the chance of getting hurt in the Pro Bowl? I doubt it and I doubt that any of them will.

Take for example Payton Manning… Now, I am not sure if he was named to the Pro Bowl but I am sure he was. Why would he take the chance of getting hurt (broken leg perhaps, broken throwing hand) and NOT play next week? He wouldn’t and I am sure his coaches and the owner wouldn’t let him either. If he did, what would stop someone (anyone) with money to hire a player to hurt him and knock him out next week? That would almost certainly spell WIN for the Saints…

So, in short, I don’t understand it. Can someone explain it to me? Please?


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