Toque Tuesday Ball Hockey Tournament (on a Saturday)

As I commented previously, I volunteered at a ball hockey tournament today that the Region was hosting. Proceeds went to Toque Tuesday and I believe that we raised over $6000 which is awesome. This morning @ 8am is was -14 celcius… That is pretty damn cold. Thankfully, there was no wind @ Regional HQ today which is really odd. Normally it is VERY windy up there. It would have been brutal if there was a wind.

We started by slugging bails of hay @ 8am, had 5 “rinks” setup by 9am and then had an hour wait or so until the first game. I was a ref today. I was dressed VERY warmly… It was fun, a good day all in all.

The Corporate Services team won the tournament and although I am in Corporate Services and was one of the refs for the Championship game, it was purely a coincidence. 🙂 The Corporate Services team played very well. Congrats guys (and gal).

So, came home, watched a bit of TV, had a nice nap and a hot shower, dropped off a toque for Joan and have had a quiet night.

I saw that the Leafs were up 3-0 and ended up losing 5-3… That would be, by my calculations five (5) un-answered goals. Pretty bad. I can’t really talk right at the moment though. My Flames have lost 9 straight and are facing the Oiler tonight who have lost about 13 straight… Well, at least one of them will get a win finally…

Nothing going on tomorrow I don’t think – we’ll see…


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