My own home? Maybe…

OK, I have made an appointment with CD at Re/Max (he’s a mortgage broker) to see about getting a mortgage. I am interested in a house. I love where I currently live, but, if I had a house, what I am paying Frank could go to paying my own place down and by the time that I retire, I could be rent free. I am nearing 40 (1.5 years or so to go) and it is about time that I get moving on it.

My credit isn’t the best in the world, it isn’t the worst in the world but could be better. I rarely get turned down for things though so that is good I guess. We will see what happens. I know what I can afford. I currently pay $875 for rent, $25/mnth. for water, average of $50-60 per month for gas, $50 per month for hydro – that is $1000 per month before cable, phone, internet get thrown in on top.

I figure that I should be good for it… 🙂 It is a nice place, I guess they call it one and a half stories. Not sure why that is – it clearing has 2 stories, maybe because the upstairs is not as large as the main floor – that’s my guess.

There is a good size living room on the main floor – I would use one end of it as the dining room seeing as there isn’t a dining room. The kitchen is on the opposite side of the house and runs the entire length – not too wide but lots of counter space and cabinets. There is a huge closet at the front door as well.

Downstairs is 1/2 finished, 1/2 storage & laundry (furnace room). I think I would put my bedroom in the basement. They are cooler, darker and more relaxing than the upstairs variety… Speaking of upstairs, it has two bedrooms. One would become the office and the other would be a spare room. The bathroom is up there as well.

Good size for a bachelor all in all. Outside, there is a large deck and a HUGE backyard. There is also a good size garage. It would be idea in the summer to keep the Jeep in there when the doors and roof are off – no more tarps to keep it dry @ night.

The asking price I think is a little too high – $179,900. Here it is:

Not a bad looking place. The inside is amazing, truly move-in condition. The price will be a little bit negotiable – he HAS to sell. He is moving in with his fiance/girlfriend and that is happening soon. I will have to see how flexible he is – the more the better for me 🙂

If you want to see the complete listing, visit:

That’s it – gotta get ready for work, how time flies in the morning…

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