Nothing going on …

Nothing exciting to report today really… I slept in (sort of) until 6:30am or so… Wasn’t late for work or anything but I wasn’t the first one there either…

Work went by quickly – we have been really busy recently which is good. Lots of new hardware to bring out all over, various issues to fix and fires to put out (not literally)… The days go by pretty quickly…

I am off on Friday this week – ADO day… I had nothing planned for the weekend but I volunteered to help out at the ball hockey tournament that is being run at the Region for Raise the Roof… I will be helping setup the rink @ 8am and then being a ref for some (all?) of the games… Not sure how long I will be there… Anyway, that is Saturday – I guess I will watch the Pro Bowl on Sunday. I am guessing that none of the Saints nor Colts will be playing, maybe I am wrong. If I was going to be in the Super Bowl the next weekend I wouldn’t be playing anyway…

What else is happening? Hmmm… Not a heck of a lot. Same old really – that’s good though I suppose.

Oh well, guess that’s it for now. Later…


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