Home Entertainment – Thanks BC

Well, BC was over this evening to check out the home entertainment system setup that I have. Every room in the house (nearly) has speaker wire in it which all connects through the walls to a central “closet” in the middle of the house. There is also an RCA cable (2 actually) between the closet and where the cable, etc., come into the house and terminate where the TV is.

So, I had BC check and identify the speaker wire and test the RCA jack. All looks good. I can now move my stereo receiver and speaker-splitter in the closet and connect all the speakers in the house – this is going to be cool…

Imagine watching a movie and hearing the sound from 6 or 8 speakers – all over the place… I am really looking forward to getting this all set-up and a go…

Mind you, as we all know, I am high-up in the Executive of the Procrastinators club – VERY high up… Not sure when I will actually get it done. My aim is to have it all completed on Friday as I am off work. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

I will let you know how I make out.


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