Football Playoff Sunday

Another Sunday … AFC and NFC title games on this afternoon and evening…

So, it is the New York Jets @ the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC title game. I’ll take Indy, big time. I am very surprised that the Jets were able to beat San Diego last week, but, San Diego always seem to find a way to lose in the playoffs. Indy 28-10.

In the NFC it is the Minnesota Vikings @ the New Orleans Saints. Brett Favre should have stayed retired. After one retirement, I can accept him coming back but then he retires again… Both times all teary eyed… Give it up… Anyway, I don’t think that the Vikings stand a chance against New Orleans – this is their year. I’ll take New Orleans also big over the Vikings – 45-21.

Who knows – guess we will have to wait and see eh. An update on this later tonight.

Update – 5:46, Monday, January 25

Well, perhaps my predictions on the scores were a bit off but BOTH teams that I thought would win did win, so there. Made myself a little something extra on the Saints win – that was a really good game. I feel so bad for Favre (OK, that is DRIPPING with sarcasm). Perhaps now he’ll retire – for good…

So, Indy vs. New Orleans – I will take Indy to win the Super Bowl.


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